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Slow leak in tire

i have a relatively new tire, 15k miles or so, that has a slow leak, i need to add air every 2 wks or so. would spraying in a can or a part of a can of those flat fix products be advisable?

No, spend the $5-$20 to have the tire fixed at a local garage or tire shop.

The cans typically deem a tire junk and causes some serious balance issues occasionally. Fix a flat is a last resort.

NO !!!

That stuff may be useful in an emergency situation, to get you off of the shoulder of a busy expressway, but it causes more problems inside the tire than you can possibly imagine.

Have the tire–and its valve–checked in a water tank by a tire dealer. There is either a tiny puncture or a defective valve, both of which can be easily taken care of once it is located.

How old is the car? If it’s 23 years old, burns a lot of oil, and makes an ugly noise when it shifts into second gear, maybe one can make a case for using a flat fixer because the tires will almost certainly outlast the car. Otherwise, even if the flat fixer works, you will probably pay additional bucks to deal with the stuff when you go to replace that tire after it wears out.

In general, the problem will either be a loose tire valve, a cracked tire valve, or a nail or screw in the tire. Fixing any of those shouldn’t cost a lot unless you live in New York City in which case you are probably used to paying a lot for everything.

No ,no, no! It probably has a leak around the rim, around the valve, or a valve core that needs replacing. Take it back to the place that put the tires on and have it checked. They may have to clean the rim and use a bead sealer. Do it right.

NO!!! Don’t use that stuff. It creates far more problems than it fixes. Despite what the name of one brand infers, it “Fixes” nothing and can cause far more expense than it is worth.

I agree with the other reponders (all of whom know better than I do), but I’ll add one more possibility for the slow leak: wheel rim corroded or slightly bent at the bead where the tire seals. In any case, a good tire shop can find it and maybe fix it.

Usually a slow leak is caused by a nail in the tire.

thanx to all, you confirm what i already thought, will do it right!

thanx to all, you confirm what i already thought, will do it right!