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Slow fill Gas Issue only when car hasn't been running for a while

I know the issue of slow filling of the gas tank has been discussed extensively, but I haven’t seen it discussed in the context of a cold car only.

Briefly, I have a 2010 VW Golf and if it has not been running for ~10-15 minutes, the gas pump clicks off as if it is full within 0.2-0.3 gallons. It doesn’t even go into the tank and just spills out everywhere. Even in hot weather, if the car hasn’t been running for a while (eg. overnight or all day at work), it needs 10-15 minutes of the engine running and then it will fill up all the way without problems. It’s not an issue of the gas pump because I will just leave the car running at the gas station and 10 minutes later, I can fill up without a problem.

It’s still under warranty but the dealer won’t do anything because they can’t reproduce it (too many red lights between the dealer and the gas station so the car is warmed up by they time they fill up gas). I haven’t seen any issues online of slow fill being dependent on the car temperature.

Any ideas of specific things to ask them to check out that they could detect is damaged without being able to reproduce the problem?

Leave the vehicle with them overnight so they can reproduce your senerio.

It sounds like you definitely have a problem with the evaporative emissions system

It sounds like something is allowing your evaporative emissions system is clogging - perhaps due to liquid getting into the charcoal canister and plugging it. After you have run the engine for awhile, your engine has sucked all the liquid out and cleared the system.

OR, there is a plugged vent somewhere that won’t let the air escape from the tank as it fills with gas.

Take it somewhere else and hope that you find a mechanic that is more experienced with thank venting issues.