Skoda Felicia 1999 Tow Hook

could anyone tell me where the front tow hook is on a skoda felicia 1.3 GLi 1999?


Somewhere in the front?What is a skoda felicia?sounds like a foreign actress.

theres normally a hole in the front bumper covered with a plastic cap,remove the cap,and you then screw the tow hook in there, the screw in hook,is normally stored with the jack.for anybody that doesnt know what a skoda felicia is,its a czech made small car for europe.

skitzy–You should be aware that this is a US-based forum, and Skodas have not been marketed in the US since about 1960, if I recall correctly. While it is possible that someone else from Europe may wander into this forum, it is really not very likely that you will find an answer to your question here.

It’s a world-based internet! People call in to Click and Clack from many different countries, too.

You are correct that it is a world-based internet. Even George Bush says that he has “used the internetS to look at The Google”.

As I said previously, someone from Europe may wander into this forum, and by my estimate perhaps as many as 8 or 10 people per month do wander into this forum from their European computers. If the OP is really lucky, one of them may just know someone who owns a Skoda.

i live in england and ive seen many skodas today!theyre really quite good now that vw make them,and use vw engines,floorpans etc…and believe it or not, many people from the uk and europe often look at american websites!!“have a nice day y’all!!”

i wonder why vw dont market skodas in the us nowadays?

ive also listened to click and clack for 10 years via satellite.

How do you get the program from a satellite? Which satellite and Which transponder, etc?

Skoda is a WV made in the Czech Republik. I think all the features are the same
as in the VW, They even look a like.

its on the astra satellite,which is mostly used by sky tv here in the uk,there is several hundred tv stations,and several hundred radio stations. about 10 years ago i was flipping through all the radio staions,when i came across was a saturday afternoon and i heard a show called car talk,and ive been hooked ever since! skoda in europe is the budget brand made by vw,just like audi is the prestige brand made by england a lot of people are “badge snobs” and prefer to pay more for a vw,or audi,rather than buying the very similar fact many people refer to skodas as “the poor mans vw!”

But…do you know where the tow hook is on a 1999 Skoda Felicia?

i think so,i answered that near the top of the page,sorry for going slightly off subject!