i have a 1992 gmc full size van,when i first start it up it runs great but just as it warm up it will start skipping.i have change .the fuel filter/cooling switch/themostat. what elese could it be.

Please define ‘skipping’. Do you mean ‘missing’, as in not firing on all eight cylinders?

yes its seen ;ike it is missing.but it does not skip until i come to a stop and start again meaning that if i start up in the morning or at night after the engine sat for 30 to45 min.if i don,t stop or drive slow say about 10 miles an hour it will not skip.but if i come to a stop and start againit will

How many miles are on the spark plugs and how many on the wires. Are they do for a change?

i just change them

Make sure all the spark plug wires are seated into the cylinders. Also make sure they attached properly to the distributor first. It may the warm temp expanding the plug wires off the spark plugs causing poor contact.