Car Skipping

So my car started skipping really badly about two weeks ago and sometimes even shuts off by itself. Now I’ve had two different mechanics try to fix this unsuccessfully. One replace the coil for two of the spark plugs and the wires for all four, didn’t work. The other mechanic replaced the crank sensor, 15 minutes on the drive home from them, the skipping started again. Both mechanics found no issue driving it around right after replacing something, but the problem occurred after a day for each fix. Yesterday I put in some dry gas in the full tank, thinking it might be some bad gas or maybe I got some condensation, because the stalling didn’t happen until recently when my mom filled up the gas tank completely. Today I took the car for ride down to the end of my dead end road and the car stalled part way down, once I got to the end I put the car in park and then turned the car completely off then back on again. The car started fine and I drove back up to my house and parked in my driveway, I revved the engine in park and at around 3,000 rpm, it skipped once. I revved a few more times, but no skipping, I took it out for a ride and went about 10 miles with no skipping(but I kept the rpm under 3,000). Once i got back home I parked it and kept revving it for a few minutes even getting up to 4,000 rpm but still no skipping. I don’t think the problem is fixed because both the first mechanic and the second had no issues with it right after they tried something, only for it to not have worked in the end. Does anybody have any idea of what it could be? This car has been my main mode of transportation so I need to get it working as fast as possible.

Year? Mileage?

2003, 76,020 miles, just drove it just now, dry gas didn’t solve the problem, stalled when trying to leave convenience store, but got it running and got home. When it skips it feels like the engine’s trying to jump out of the hood, like it brakes for a split second when it skips, rpm needle fluctuates and engine light comes on all very briefly each time, some skips brake more than others. Any other info that could help?

Remove the gas cap and see if the problem goes away. Sometimes a tank that has bad venting will cause fuel delivery problems and cause the engine to erratically stall and stumble.

When’s the last time it was in for maintenance, and what was done?

Wait, do you mean the cap that you remove to fuel up the car? I’ve had maintenance done on it over the past few months: I’ve had brake pads replaced, a coil replaced, it was inspected a month before this started, oil has been changed routinely, wheels got replaced, and I’ve had an air filter replaced. That’s about all that I can think of.

Yes, the cap that you remove to fuel up the car.

“wheels got replaced” ?? do you mean the tires?


Yeah, sorry.