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I have been traveling for the past year and a half…unforunately this means that my car, 1998 mazda millenia, has been sitting for just as long. I want to get the car running in tip top shape…it looks like the discs, both front and back are rudsted from sitting. What options are available with the dicsAND possibly more importantly, what maintenance shouold be done to the car after sitting for so long…thanks any reply will help

My rotors(discs) rust after three days in coastal area. Don’t focus on them, they may be noisy and drive carefully initially. Hopefully you did not set the parking brake as it may be frozen.

Get the engine oil changed soon.

Do an Internet search on short term car storage, lots of info. Some things to consider; They just did a spot on “Gearz” on Sunday!

The rotor will probably only have surface rust and should clean up by driving a few miles.

1)Keep the oil fresh. I have seen pictures of crank bearings etched by acid in the oil of a car that sat long term with old oil.

  1. Battery maintenance. Make sure cables are clean and in good shape. Consider a battery maintainer like Battery Tender. On my track car, I store my batt indoors during the winter while the car is in storage. During the summer I disconnect the batt between events.

  2. Check condition of all fluids, especially brake fluid and coolant.

  3. Stabil in the Gas

  4. The owners winter storage guide, the anal extreme!!

The gasoline in the tank may be your biggest problem, unless you added stabilizer before you parked the car. I would try to remove the old gas from the tank and replace it before trying to start the engine.

You’ll need a new battery, and I’d want to turn the engine a few times without the spark plugs firing, just to get some oil moving, before actually starting it.

If the parking brake is on it may be rusted fast. The brake rotors will probably clean themselves rather quickly unless they are deeply pitted. Just drive carefully and use the brakes lightly until you’re sure they work.

I’d check the tires carefully, too, for cracks in the sidewalls.

After the engine is running and warmed up I’d change the oil and the coolant.