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Long term car storage

lots of ideas , but what really works

mice ect and other sugestions on things to do and not to do

how long is this long term storage?

Have you tried the search feature of this board? MUCH has been written on this subject…

Put it on jacks if you like your tires. Run a gas stabilizer through before you let it sit. Some people go as far as putting in new oil before it sits and then changing it after.

Put it on jacks if you like your tires.

Not needed. It has not been needed since we switched to radial tyres.

However it is a good idea to remember that tyres age even when not driven. However if they are kept away from the sun (ozone) they age slower.

Yea how long is very important and the conditions (garaged in the city or out in the open on the farm). The age and current condition of the car would also be helpful. Diesel or gas? Is it an option to have someone drive it every so often (normally I don’t recommend this as it means you need to keep your collision insurance active and that tends to be expensive.)

i have 2 cars to store 93 300sd benz (deisiel)out side here at home in the woods
untill i have time to work on the wiring harness (they ate last time )
2 a z3 bmw rag top headed for my mothers garage untill spring
in past i,ve disconected bat. added stablizer to fuel , parked the z3 on heavey car floor mates rather than just on the concreat. tried peperment smelly bags and poisien various places in both cars with some value
most interested in creater contol and tires flatting

My uderstanding is the critters (see my recent post on mice nesting in my engine) can be attracted to the car due to several reasons. Heat, low clearance, prior nesting smells present (almost impossible to eliminate), and the environment surrounding the car. Leaving the car outside in a wooded area is like installing a playground for the mice/chipmunks etc… and very much like what I’m dealing with too, only my car is not in storage. An exterminator friend of mine suggested surrounding the car with glue boards which you can get from any hardware store. See if a plug-in electronic sonic repellant attached to an extension cord and left under the hood works.

i assume glue board is like fly paper for mice

tried the sound box with a pop up camper in past not much help
some help from peperment smelly bags and poision at least with z3 in moms garage last winter

as for the benzs here at house in the woods may look at wraping base of car in plastic as was sugested by some car tip guy
with all my car stogage issumes ,nock on wood , never had any critters in tail pipe
have you?

See if a plug-in electronic sonic repellant

They only work for the guys selling them. Totally worthless.

parked the z3 on heavey car floor mates rather than just on the concreat.

I have to ask Why?

Modern radial tyres don’t have problems with flat spots. In the old times the tyres did develop flat spots if they were not moved for a long time, but not today.