Silverado shut off

We have a 2022 Silverado 1500 RST. Bought it to tow an rv. When I run it hooked up to the camper in storage to keep the camper’s battery charged, it shuts off after 15 minutes. I suppose some engineer thought I would forget I started the truck. The only way it will not do this is if I put it in N. Disabling the Auto shut off, another great feature, doesn’t affect it. Any suggestions? Chevrolet support has no solution.

The solution, which you’ve already found, is to just put it in neutral (with the parking brake on)

I’m wondering why he would not want to keep it in Neutral while charging the camper’s battery.

It’s more than that. I am sure more than an engineer were involved. Concerns about CO accidental deaths, CO suicides, grass/wildfires started, air pollution, etc. come to mind right away.


Seems a very inefficient way to charge the camper battery, why not use a battery maintainer?


That would seem to be much more efficient…

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I’m assuming you meant it shuts off when you’re in Park, but not in Neutral.

It’s a feature. See the following link:

In there, they document a way to disable it, which I copied here:

Disabling the feature is accomplished by pressing and holding the engine/vehicle start button until the driver information center displays the message “automatic shutdown off.”

Give that a try and let us know if it works.


I’d be willing to bet it’s in the owners manual if the owner ever bothered to look.

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The “Extended Parking” feature is in the owner’s manual.
How to disable it is not.

Yeah owner’s manuals just don’t have a lot of this information but would likely be in the factory service manual for several hundred dollars.

I read owners manuals virtually cover to cover when i buy something that my life depends on. Apart from 75% of the manual not pertaining to my specific model, “If equipped…”, there is nothing in there about that “feature”.

Great research PvtPublic. I can’t wait to try it. And then I’ll let the Chevrolet support team know about it. Thanks, Jolly Roger

It is parked on a storage lot with electric about 300 feet away.

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OK, what’s a couple hundred more after $50K?

As cars become more and more defined by their software, I expect this problem will become the norm. The problem is the algorithms that define the software’s functionality are complicated, and if all the if … then … else’s were included in the manual, most owner’s would find the manual very hard to understand. The level of detail to include in the owner’s manual is a perplexing puzzle for the manufacturers.

Here’s another perspective: I own a generic portable mp3 player. Works great, sound nearly studio-quality… Chock full of features, most of which I’ve never used and never will. 4-5 pages of the 15 page manual are useful and understandable, the others? I have no idea what they are talking about. Every once in a while I’ll accidentally press the wrong button, and it will go into a weird mode, Japanese instead of English display for example. It sometimes takes me an hour or more to return it to the way it was.

@JoeMario did the research not me.

Sorry, JoeMario. Thanks, @JoeMario, credit where credit is due.

Not a problem at all.
We’re always helping and learning from each other on this forum.

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I see an opportunity to get a new tool here. Buy a small generator. Some may even have a charger/maintainer built in.


A 6 cylinder engine like that could use half a gallon per hour of idling. If charging happens at under 30 Amps, it will take over 2 hours to fully recharge a battery. That’s expensive! Why not put a solar panel on the roof to charge the battery? A small single cylinder generator should use less than half as much gasoline per hour. In theory with a 60 Amp 12 Volt charger and a small 1000W generator you could charge the thing in 1 hour and use under a quart of gasoline.