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Silly Saab

My Saab believes that it is alive and turns on all kinds of electrical things when the car is off and the key is out of the ignition. For a while, I was able to bypass the craziness by removing the fuse for my hazard lights (which would blink until my battery drained when the car is off. ~NOTE: No, I did NOT accidentally turn ON the hazard lights, the car just thinks that I did. They blink with the harzards turned on, or off. They just blink… period. The car loves to wink her pretty eyes at all the neighbors all night long!)
TODAY!!! HA! What news! Now, she has learned how to wink at the neighbor’s even after I’ve pulled the fuse out! HOW DO I STOP MY SAAB’S SILLINESS?

Special note of interest: All of the electrical problems I’m seeing today began after a loose A/C hose flooded 4-6 inches of water into the floorboard of my car.

Did the water get up to the fusebox?

It sounds to me like the bezel around the flasher button is broken. My Saab did that once and had to replace the button.

I’m guessing that the water from the A/C drain hose got higher than the bottom of the fusebox and left some residue that has presented itself as high resistance circuit shorts. Some of a car’s circuits, such as those that power the doorlocks, and always energized, and…well, you get the idea. They might be powering your other circuits when their own power source is deactivated (when yo turn the car off).

Now that I think about it, isn;t the ignition key cylinder in these cars on the console? The same idea could apply there too if the water got high.