Sienna air conditioning always on



Jumped into the family van today. It being about 80 degrees here in Denver, I turned on the fan (ac button was ‘off’), and the fan belt starts squeeking (thought that was unusual, but just turned off the fan). As we are driving, the air coming out the vents is quite cold, and I mention this to my wife, asking her if she has noticed anything unusual (‘no’ of course). She said she thought it was cool because it had been in the garage. Anyway, I ultimately determined that the ac is always on when the fan is turned on. Hitting the ac button makes no difference. Any ideas of what might be causing this, and perhaps what needs to be fixed (and what it might cost)?




On our 2006 Sienna, if the temp dial is turned all the way over to cool, the A/C and Recirc will come on automatically. I don’t know if this applies to 1999 to 2003 models though. Try moving the temp dial 1 step warmer.

Ed B.