Sidewall Damage Again

Once again tire problems.

My wife clipped the side of a raised manhole with the car tire. It resulting in a small 1" long flap off the sidewall about 1/4" thick. It also gouged up the rim.

I assume this means automatic replacement of the $138 tire? Sadly I just replaced the entire set 3k miles ago.>

Yes, the tire is now unsafe and needs to be replaced.

You can try and file a damage claim with the city to cover the costs.

In addition to checking with the city (at the very least you should report it so they know about it.) Check where you bought the tyres. Sometimes there may be a road hazard warranty included.

The good thing is with just 3K on the tyres, you should be able to replace just one tyre unless you have AWD, and even then you can measure the tyres and see if they have to be matched better that that.

Costco includes a road hazard warranty with the purchase of their tires.
Normally, this coverage is at extra cost at other retailers.
Andrew–Where did you buy the tires?

Unless there is an alignment problem, 3k of wear is probably not significant enough to damage an AWD mechanism.

It looks like you’ve got some decent wheel damage there too. I’ve been very happy with wheel repair done by if you want to consider that.

I second the notion to check with the town, city, or state that maintains the road to see if you can collect for the tire and wheel damage. I’d send a registered letter with pictures of the damage and the quote or bill for fixing everything to show them that you’re serious.

No hazard purchased.

Your question prompted me to look at website, good news is Continental includes a 2/32" wear/1yr road hazard warranty with tires.

My $540 tires that included free GPS by mail in is getting to be a better deal if the damage is covered.