Side view mirror that wont fold

I bought a new Toyota Solara and cant get it into the gararge because Toyota didnt make the side view Mirror fold in. Can I replace it with another car makers Mirror?

Or does any one have any other solution to this dumb design ???

It looks like a very nice car, are you saying the width from outside of mirror to outside of mirror do not fit between the sides of your garage door opening? Can you measure and double check, I mean that sounds like you have a really skinny garage door.

It Should Be Self-Correcting. The Only Time It Won’t Fit Should Just Be The First Time.

Call a handyman. Seriously though, maybe you should be looking at the garage door opening, instead of the Toyota. Possibly removing, changing, replacing with something else, the molding/brick molding, whatever, or a section of it, etcetera, would be easier than re-engineering an automobile, whatever a Solara is. Maybe mirror-high notches are in order. How about a 6-8 foot deep, slightly wider, addition to the front of the garage? Just remember to always back-in, afterwards.

Good Luck, CSA

the best information would be from the toyota parts dept to see if there is a mirror that would fit

No other make of mirror will work. It will not fit nor connect to the pigtail.

Toyota Cars don’t have mirrors that fold. Its a problem because Homes built 30 40 years ago had narrower garage doors and theres maby 2 inches clearance on either side. The house is Brick and the door cant be enlarged. Can a Lexis side view Mirror be used to replace the ones on The Solara Convertible?