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Side mirror won't completely fold after a car wash

After a car wash my car left side mirror won’t fold or unfold all the way when I press the button, i have to press the button and pull the mirror with my hand to fold it all the way and vise versa. Note: mirrors can’t be folded by hand, must use the button.

What is the model year of your Elantra?
If the Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty is still in effect, this problem should be covered by that warranty.

This person is in some foreign country that does not have a Hyundai dealer for a used vehicle imported from Korea.
@Gizzidd_156769 This is a US based forum so you really need to find a shop where ever you are that can help you.

Good detective work!
I just took a look at this person’s previous posts, and it does appear that he/she imported a Hyundai into an unknown country that lacks any support network for vehicles of that make.

As was suggested, the OP needs to find a local mechanic who may–or may not–have any familiarity with these vehicles. And, given the lack of a support network for that make in the OP’s country, I sincerely hope that a folding mirror issue is the worst problem that he/she encounters with this car.

It sounds like water may have gotten into the mirror assembly and caused a short. The problem might go away as whatever components were affected dry out. If it doesn’t you’ll need to have a local mechanic look at it.

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Thank you for your reply

Ok, thank you for your reply

It’s actually an avante X16 not an elantra, the year is 2008.

I couldn’t found avante in the models list so i just selected elantra

That’s possible, thank you for your reply

I’m from Libya :libya: and we don’t have any verified car dealers in my country, dealers travel to USA, Canada and Korea, buy cars from there and ship it to my country.

The Avante and Elantra appear to be essentially the same car so all is well. Next time specify that in your initial post. The more information you provide the more likely someone can help. Best of luck with your mirror.