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"Shushing" sound from Ram 2500 4X4 driveline

Dear CarTalk Community:

I have just purchased a new 2018 Ram 2500 HD 4X4 with the Cummins Turbodiesel. “What is he hauling?” you might ask. “Mount Everest?” No. Believe it or not, it is my daily driver. All I can offer is that I love it. LOVE IT.

Anyway, the problem is that when it is coasting unloaded with just light pressure on the accelerator, it makes a static-like, “shushing” sound from the transmission area. Otherwise the only noise you hear is the muted rattle of the mighty Cummins (LOVE IT). It shifts smoothly but crisply otherwise, and the fluid level checked hot, in park, and on a level surface is dead-on. It is the 68RFE transmission.

I’m wondering if what with a locking torque converter, transfer case, two no-spin differentials, and a very quiet cabin relative to days of yore, it’s just normal to hear all that stuff rattling around under a no-load state. Or should I trade it in on a Power Wagon. LOVE. IT.


Perhaps its the Turbo you are hearing… or the blow off valve? Hard to say from here… Nice truck though.

Then this should be under warranty so have it looked at . If you trade this off you will take a large money hit.

I think the OP was joking about trading for a Power Wagon as they have not been made for many year’s.

Power Wagons… They’re baaaack…

Go test drive a Power Wagon with the same drivetrain and see if you hear the same noise. Let the dealership shop look at your truck while you’re there and see if they can “replicate your concern” of a noise complaint. It’ll be really hard for anyone here to guess what the noise is without hearing it themselves, I believe.

You might also search some Ram forums to see if anyone else has mentioned the static noise.

No Cummins in the Power Wagon. Just a Hemi.

Well that’s weird. The Power Wagon is a 2500, isn’t it? But no diesel option?

It’s a “special” version of the 2500. Only one engine option, and one body style (crew cab, short bed).

Well heck, I’d want the diesel if I was going to all the trouble of buying a 3/4 ton!

Anyway, he’ll have to test drive a non Power Wagon for comparison. I gotcha.