Shuddering Brakes - Only when HOT; and fuel cut?


I went to the track a few weeks ago and noticed a couple of quirks with my car.

First, the brakes started shuddering after a couple of sessions. Usually when someone says their brakes shudder, they say that your rotors are warped. But I’ve never encountered brakes that only shudder when hot. After I let my car cool off, the shuddering is gone. I guess that could mean my rotor is warping as it gets hot, but I’m not sure. If so, how do I fix this? I’d rather not spend the money to get new rotors, but is this the only way?

Also, I noticed that my car seemed to have some kind of fuel cut for a split second while accelerating. This didn’t happen very consistently, and I’m still not sure what the conditions are. At first I thought it was when I was at wide open throttle, but later when I stopped flooring it, it would still happen. I think it happened less when I was only on part throttle though. I have feeling it happened more on uphills as well.

Please help!