Shdddering brakes at high speed

Brand new problem. Driving to Sacramento, CA from Oregon yesterday, 6/18/9, noticed brake shuddering when slowing from above 50 mph. '94 Toyota, 135K miles

Can we limp home or does problem need immediate repair?

Most likely the brake disc rotors are warped. Although a bad ball joint or bad tie rod end can also cause this shuddering. But when that happens, there’s usually other symtoms accompanied with those problems. If this just occurs when applying the brakes, then you can make it home. But you’ll need a brake job when you get back.


The likely case is a warped rotor.

I would wait till your next service(oil change) and have them peek at the brakes at your regular shop. Enjoy your trip.

And we all hope your regular shop is an independent mechanic. DO NOT TRUST your brakes and/or your life to MIDAS, or MEINEKE. DON’T TRUST your oil changes to Iffy Lube. I don’t think they do brakes.

Thanks. Nope, NEVER have gone, never will go to one of those rip-off joints. As you already know, it is not difficult to find a solid, trustworthy, independent mechanic. We did.

Thanks. Exactly what I had suspected. Nice to have independent confirmation.

If there is a mechanic in Oregon that you trust have them look over the front end just in case it is something other than a warped disk rotor. If it is a warped rotor, by all means drive it home although it might be a good idea to minimize the use of the brakes – not all that difficult to do. If the problem gets worse on the way home or new symptoms arise, be prepared to be stranded for a day or two in Klamath Falls or Tehema.

Thanks. We flat refuse to use anyone except a solid, trustworthy, independent mechanic. And we’ve found a good one at home in NW OR. We’re also prepared to delay in any major town if the problem worsens. Thanks again.

warped rotors are often the reason for your symptoms, but otherthings can also do this…stuck caliper (usually the inside pad wears down to nothing and it overheats the backside of the rotor and literally can tear it to pieces) that doesn’t float due to stuck or corroded pins. So make sure you have a look at the pads. My son had this problem recently. Also if you don’t do much road travel or hit the brakes hard occasionally, you can build up resin on the rotor…This happens to me occasionallly and the cure is to go to a safe place with NO ONE behind you and hit the brakes hard from about 60 to 30 a couple of times and it burns it off. This is on my Toyota and a characteristic of toyotas and acuras…good luck