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Should we be lured by

My husband and I want to buy a 2011 Sonata. We learned that a hybrid is coming out (no one knows when). It’s been a long time since we bought a new car, and I’m rusty. I don’t mind negotiating, but I do like to know when a good deal is a good deal.

Many dealers called in response to my online inquiries. One said that they are offering $1500 over trade in value and are having great sales this weekend. Others have different financing rates. I want to start by negotiating the price first–after getting consumer reports info on the car.

One of us wants to wait to buy a new car now (or in the next month), another wants to wait until the new year. I know that end of the month deals are better than beginning, but haven’t considered end/start of new year (or end of “Black Friday” sales). Any thoughts?

Well I got a pair of wrangler jeans for $9.00, and a 12’ x 9’ edged carped for the basement marked down $15 to $39 for black friday, would those be the same ones I get later, who knows, to tell you the truth I think there are better deals before christmas than after. If you think you can match or beat the price later, no problem, if not buy now. Cars are like xmas ornaments, you may get the same deal later, but the selection is not as good.

Winter in general is slow for dealers in the northern parts of the country. The weeks leading up to Christmas are slow because folks are busy buying and prepping for the holidays. Just after the new years isn’t much better. If you have a dealer looking to make year end (Dec. 31) numbers there could be an especially good deal available.

Much of all the “deals” is advertising hype to generate floor traffic. Get your invoice costs from an online source, and shop for the best “out the door” price. If you focus on a particular model you can work dealers of the same brand to get the best deal. Now seems to be a good time to shop, but hold off buying. Let the sales people call you. If the deals offered get better then hang on until you think you’ve got the best deal and then sign on the dotted line.

Dealers want you to think your deal is “stealing” the car from them. In the end they have to make a profit, or go out of business. The invoice costs they show you is padded and often car mfg’rs offer incentives to dealers that the public knows nothing about. Nothing wrong with shopping now, the longer you hold off from buying the better you chances of getting that super deal.

Those who run out and buy on Black friday are a notch above a trained monkey

Edmunds has a pricing feature. You input your zip code, the specific model and options and they tell you what others are paying near you for it. You can figure out what a good deal is from there. Do not let them know you have a car to trade if you do. You want to know the price of the new car, then negotiate the price of a used one. Edmunds also tells you the value of a used car for trade-in in the used car area.

I believe 2012 is when the hybrid will come out.

Thanks, I always thought I was a bit better than a trained monkey, now I know for sure!

I would never recommend buying a new model (even hybrids) that are just out. All new models seem to have some teething problems. I would buy something else that’s been around with a proven record, or wait three years till the Hyundai hybrids have been proven.

The real question is this:

Do you want a new car now, and does it need to be a hybrid?

If it does not need to be a hybrid, then go get yourself one of those really nice Sonata’s.
I test drove one the other week, and it was a great car. I would buy one if my Altima left me.