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Should the valve cover gasket be visible when cover is torqued?

I see the blue gasket around the valve cover seal. I did not notice the old gasket along the valve cover seal, though the old gasket was black, so not sure if it was noticeable.

I have 3 torque wrenches, of course they all start at 10 ft lbs, so I am only going off what the digital AC Delco torque socket tells me in Trace Mode at 11 Nm.

Torque should be 9.80 - 11.76 Nm or 7.23 - 8.68 lbs ft

It is a 2006 Hyundai Sonata 3.3 V6 and the front cover.


Drive the vehicle.

If you don’t see oil leaking from the valve cover, it’s fine.


If it starts leaking remove the valve cover and take a peek at how the gasket is positioned. Those tend to be thin, flimsy gaskets and could easily get out of position during an install, especially by someone doing it the first time. I’ve done that job 3 or 4 times on my Corolla and I can’t see the gasket w/the valve cover installed, but don’t know if that pertains to your car’s design. Good choice to be careful to not exceed the suggested torque limits for the fasteners.

Thanks. And of course I just used a friends torque wrench that has low torque and it snaps a bolt off :crazy_face:

Probably the worst spot too, next to the spark plug hole. Now I have to look into extracting it. I guess at least I’m familar with taking the cover off.

If your 3 torque wrenches are different sizes, the 1/4 in drive one should be marked in inch pounds, 8 ft lb = 96 inch lb. And don’t put them at 8 lb all at once. Do it in 2 or 3 stages, from the center bolts out in a crisscross pattern.

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Oftentimes you can see the gasket after the cover is properly torqued down, its rather common on some vehicles and should be no cause for alarm. This assumes it was correctly performed of course. If the gasket is properly in place and cover installed, and you have no leaks then you are OK.

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