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Head cover gasket 1999 civic

How much should it cost to have it replaced? car seems to be running just fine but leaking oil.

Are you talking about a head gasket or a valve cover gasket? A valve cover gasket will probably run you $200-$400 depending on the difficulty in getting to it. A head gasket may run you $800-$1200, but I would call around for estimates.

its the gasket right underneath the cover on the engine. the cover that the sparkplugs are attached to.

I was told that they have to change the coolant & some other stuff and that it would cost like $1200. perhaps he didn’t understand what I meant.

You can change these gaskets yourself for just the price of the gasket set.

Remove the spark plug wires from the spark plugs and remove the wire retainers from the valve cover.

Disconnect the PCV valve/hose from the valve cover.

With a 10mm wrench/socket remove the three acorn nuts from the top of the valve cover.

Remove the valve cover.

Turn the valve cover up-side-down and remove the parimeter gasket and the spark plug well O-rings from the valve cover.

Install the new gaskets and reinstall the valve cover.


do I need to drain the oil before doing this? what about liquid gasket to the head-cover gasket? what about tightening the bolts to a certain torque? i dont have a torque wrench.

Don’t need to drain the oil.

The new gaskets will stay in place when the valve cover is replaced.

You don’t need a torque wrench. The acorn nuts will prevent the valve cover from being over-tightened.


it has been recommended that I first make sure the leak is coming from the head cover. tomorrow AM I will wipe the seam clean, check for loose bolts, then drive to work. hopefully there will be leakage from where the cover meets the engine and I will know this is the problem.