Should "public shaming" be used to embarrass drivers?

How would I be traveling too close? Maybe you meant the car in front stopped too soon to give way to another vehicle which was not asking to be given way.

OK Clueles . It is time for you to stop posting your driving troubles because it just makes you look worse. This is Cartalk not a place for your constant complaining about situations you seem to put yourself into.

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Be honest, Volvo. How is this my fault ? Have you ever seen traffic crossing a track let one car cross before the second car may proceed to go? Never.

All traffic go the same time across the track after each other. The car which stops illegally and forces traffic behind to stop on the track is at fault,

Never, ever cross the tracks until you there is space for you to clear the tracks completely. Never!

Not smart to cross into an intersection even if you have the green light until you can clear the intersection.


I completely understand this, Mustanman. I’m a person who travels a good distance behind cars. Tailgating is something I never do. I promise you, man.

The issue today was the car in front went straight across the track just fine. Another car from the opposite direction stopped at his stop sign. When the car in front of me suddenly stopped, I was about two car length behind and I had just started crossing the track.

Maybe, but which one of you was going to die if a train came?

Next time before crossing the tracks, make sure there will be room for you on the other side of the tracks, don’t assume the other car will do the right thing.


Yes. After the incident today, I was like “ OMG, another lesson learned today. “

Now I’m never going to cross the track while another car is in front.

Still I believe the cop should have ticked the driver in front. He had no business acting like a traffic officer.

That is when you STOP. When the car in front allows enough space for you to clear the tracks, proceed and not until then. Never assume the person ahead will clear by the time you get there. Assumptions can kill you.



Yes. The RR where I was forced to stop today had multiple signs up stating “ do not stop “.

It is important to understand I never intended to stop. I was obstructed, which was why I tooted the horn and yelled at the guy acting like a traffic officer.

You would be surprised how much this platform has taught me since joining 7 years ago. The wonderful people of CarTalk have opened my eyes to many things. It’ll be detrimental to my growth to hold back my questions that need answers.

If you notice by now, I’m very humble in that I’m not afraid to ask questions or debate car issues with the older guys on here.

I encourage you to share your knowledge, too, as you will be helping someone out there by doing so.

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You were driving too close to the person in front of you and when they stopped your only choice was to stop on the tracks. If you were staying proper distance then when the car in front of you stopped you would have stopped BEFORE the RR tracks.


If you know all that, why didn’t you back up and get off the tracks?

Cars were behind me. I couldn’t backup.

No offense but coulda, woulda, shoulda. I used to have to submit accident reports when someone had an accident at work. Then I’d get back a response from the safety council on how the accident should have been avoided. Didn’t mater what, always the drivers fault. One guy was sitting at a stop light and got whammed. Shouldn’t have been the or left 500 feet of space to react in. I quit listening to them and figured most of them just rode.the bus.

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@Clueless33 … suggest to find a place to park your car a block or so away from that RR crossing, find a good viewing spot, bring a pair of binoculars and your lunch, and spend an hour watching how the local drivers proceed across that RR crossing.

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I’m going to capture it on video and post it here so everyone sees how traffic cross the RR.

Don’t you have something more important to spend time on . The chance that anyone will see this video that will use that crossing is really low . Find something else to obsess about.

There is a crossing I go over on a daily basis. I don’t look for trains but I do look for deer. The track has trees growing between the tracks and hasn’t been a train in years. I did have a deer jump out at me though. The school bus still stops, opens his door to listen, and then proceeds. Rules is rules as they say.

Thanks for the offer

No need to post the video

We already know how to properly and safely cross railroad tracks