Should I shave cupped tires?

My new tires cupped. Can I get them shaved? I am taking vehicle to garage on Monday to fix whatever is causing the issue. I would have prevented the cupping except I didn’t notice the noise until we were driving home from Florida (live in PA), we didn’t have a choice about stopping.


The only thing that should be shaved is my beard

All kidding aside, you should take the car to an INDEPENDENT shop that specializes in tires, alignments and front end work.

Depending on the mileage, you may have worn/bent suspension/steering components

And you may very well need an alignment

Year, make, model, mileage?? find and repair the mechanical problem that caused the cupping and replace the tires, perhaps with a different brand…

Since you’re planning to repair whatever the problem is (shock/struts, worn suspension, out of balance wheels, alignment are all possibilities), I would look into having the tires shaved. Google ‘tire shaving yourtown’ to see if there are tire shops near you that do it, it’s done for some high performance tires.

I don’t think a tire can be shaved after it’s been used…Stones embedded in the tread would destroy the cutters…

Ask your alignment shop to be sure to check the toe-in along w/the other stuff. An out of spec toe-in can cause cupping.

They can shave tires but not for a cupping condition. A new tire is shaved down to bring it to the same circrumference as the old tires on an all-wheel drive vehicle. But once a tire cups, it’s worn in one area of the tire tread. And this is usually caused from worn struts/shocks.

If you go to YOUTUBE and in their search engine enter “TIRE BOUNCE”, you’ll see an example of what cups a tire.