(new) Tires Started to Cup

Will new tires that have started to cup ever quiet down as they wear?

I just had an alignment performed about 2000 miles since installation of new tires. It was off/corrected and the shop has a good reputation for great work.

I suspect not, but that’s just a guess based on things I’ve read here and other places in the past.

Normally cupping comes from worn shocks/struts, maybe bad balance, not alignment. And I’d be surprised if it ever got better. You could check to see if any tire shop ‘shaves’ tires near you (sometimes done for autocrossing, etc.). They might be able to shave them smooth.

Here’s info from a tire shop:

Probable Causes for Cupping

  • loose wheel bearings
  • mismounted tire/ wheel assembly
  • out of balance wheel assembly
  • tread design/ tire design
  • worn bearings, shocks, springs or other suspension components

You need to have the shocks/struts checked.

In the past, with older cars, you could tell if they needed new shock absorbers by bouncing the car. If it bounced more than once, it was time for new shocks. However newer front wheel drive cars with struts don’t show strut wear as obviously, and sometimes, cupping is the only symptom.

If your shop sold you new tires and an alignment, but ignored your worn out struts/shocks (I don’t know which you have.), it is time to get a second opinion from another reputable shop.