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Should I replace the shocks and struts on a 10 yr old Pathfinder with 113000 miles?

When I got my tires rotated they recommended I replace shocks and struts for $600. My Pathfinder is a 2003 with 113000 miles. Is this something I need to pay immediate attention to? It does ride a little rough but not bad. I will probably keep it for another 40000-50000 miles.

These go so gradually, usually, that one gets used to their condition. At that mileage they’re probably due to be replaced. If you drive with worn struts it will only accelerate wear on the brand new tires.

Perform the bounce test. Press down on each corner of the car. Get the car moving as much as you can then release and count the bounces before it stops moving. A Pathfinder should be only 2 and no more than three bounces. If one corner moves much easier than the rest that indicates a bad shock/strut on that wheel. If one is bad it might be best to replace all 4 to insure safe handling.

I doubt your shocks/struts are bad, but the bounce test will give you useful info. A Pathfinder that rarely to never goes off road will likely have OEM shocks and struts that will last longer than 113K miles.

Get a second opinion; guys who rotate tires often try to drum up more business. If the shocks leak, or the car bounces all over, you probably need new ones. Your car is only 10 years old and has low mileage for its age.

If the car has been driven mostly on paved roads, you probably do not need struts & shocks. Last year we sold a 1994 Nissan Sentra with 140,000 miles on it with its ORIGINAL struts and shocks working OK.

If it does need struts/shocks I wouldn’t put off replacing them. Worn struts/shocks puts an extra burden on other steering/suspension components causing them to wear out faster. And if the struts are really bad it can cause the strut spring to fail. The broken coil then can end up slashing the tire. As happened with this tire.


My guess is that it’s due. There’s a huge weight difference between a sentra and a pathfinder, which will wear them out more quickly. I drove a 2000 Rodeo for a while, and we got the shocks or whatever it had replaced before 100k, and it made a huge difference.

If you need them…AND…you plan on keeping the vehicle another 40-50k miles…then replace them. Worn shocks/struts can damage other suspension and steering parts. You may not be able to reach your goal of another 40k miles. You don’t have to go with the BEST…Wait for a sale at WallMart or even Sears.