Should I replace the engine or buy a new car?

Ok…I have a 2003 ford taurus with about 145,000 miles on it.The engine has a crack in it and needs to be replaced.Should I fix the car or just get a new one.I am currently expecting and Im due in April and I really need a dependable car with a baby on the way.I have had the car since 2005 when it only had 38,000 miles on it is it time to say goodbye or should I just replace the engine.I just paid liek 300 dollars about 3 weeks ago for another repair.What are your opinions and what would you do?

How is the rest of the car holding up???

In general it’s always cheaper to fix then to buy new.

You have a couple of options…Get a NEW crate motor…or get a used one. A used lower mileage engine. The used engine will be your best bet financially.

Good Luck.

well the rest of the car is holding up ok I guess but this is the second repair that I have had to have in about 3 weeks and its getting costly.I just dont want to have to go throughthe hassle of repairing my car ever 3-4 weeks with me being pregnant and then having a newborn.I know the car is going to have problems because its 8 years old and has almost 150,000 miles on it.

Honestly, in your case safety and reliability are absolutely essential above simple economics. If your budget can support replacing the ol’ Taurus I’d recomend doing so. The car is past its prime, and it’s probably going to become mor eunreliable as time passes.

Stop by the bookstore and get a Consumer Reports New Car Buyers’ Guide. That’ll give you some real good information on reliability.

Yep, In your situation, I would just dump it and get something different. Yes for a couple thousand you can replace the engine but there is no guarantee that the work will be satisfactory and that you won’t have a hassle to deal with it. I did an engine replacement that went just fine at the dealer for $2500 and did another that was a disaster and continual problems. You just don’t need that kind of hassle right now.

I agree. If you can financially handle the cost of a new car, it’s time.

Having said that, I am going to look at the opposite viewpoint. If you need to finance, and then something happens to your family employment, getting a new car could result in not having a car at all.

We don’t need to know, it’s not our business. But, do look privately at your employment situation before borrowing for a new car. There are jobs, such as government jobs, that tend to be much more stable. And, small businesses which encounter unexpected problems and out of the blue lay off employees after operating successfully for many years.

If your employment is not solid, then it is risky to buy a new car on time. Only you can decide. But, it is a factor to be considered.

What was the $300 repair? If it was engine-related I think you should not be too hasty about the new car route. If the rest of the car is sound, particularly the automatic transmission, it should have several thousand more miles on it with normal maintenance and with a new/used engine.

Have you serviced the transmission regularly? Any problem with the trans I’d say new car.

well my job is pretty stable I am a government employee and been on the job for 5 years so im not worried about getting laid off anytime soon.I think im going to get a new car so that I can have stability and probaly get a rebuilt engine and put it in the Taurus just to get me from point A to point B.I need reliabilty inorder to get to work etc.Plus my 90lbs lab puppy has done a number to the sealbetls and taurus…lol eats everything.Thanks guys

If you have a dog “that eats everytihing” I would hang on to the Taurus. Replacement seatbelt from a wreck are cheap. For a new car they would cost a fortune.

As others comment, if the rest of the car is OK, get the motor in order and you will enjoy many more years of reliable driving. As cars age they need more repairs, but they can be just as reliable as a new car.

P.S. The money you save by keeping the Taurus can easily buy professional dog obedience training!

I would avoid a junkyard engine. You have no idea of what you are getting. Its a gamble, you might get a good one, but you might get one that lasts 91 days on a 90 day warrantee. Buying a used engine is like buying a used car without a test drive first.

A new crate engine is a little over the top for a vehicle of this age. A quality reman would be about right. It will cost about half of the cost of a new engine, but if bought from a quality reman company, it will be almost as good. That is it will probably last another 100k miles vs 150k for a new engine.

But there are about 15,000 more parts to this car besides the engine. They also have 150k miles on them. Have you replaced the CV joint boots or axles yet? How about wheel bearings? Brakes lately? Tires? AC been replaced, still working good? Radiator? The list goes on, these parts are all at or near their end of service life. Oh yeah, there is the transmission mentioned earlier.

The down side is that selling a non running vehicle is difficult at best. You might maximize your situation with a junkyard engine and trade this in immediately. You should see what a dealer will give for it right now on a trade. Then find out what the vehicle would get in running condition. A private sale in this condition is just about out of the question, your mechanic might be the only person interested, and he will want to turn a profit on the deal, so he won’t offer you much.