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Should I replace my battery before I have any problems?

My bought my Nissan Juke new 4 1/2 years ago. I live in Colorado Springs where the winters can get into the single digits and the summers into the 90’s at times. Battery tests good, but should it be replaced? Don’t want to get stranded.

OK , your vehicle - your money - you don’t want to get stranded - seems like you could make this decision on your own.

The good part is that you are not pressed for time so you can search all the battery suppliers in your area and choose which one you want to buy.

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Do it now . . .

You don’t want it to fail on a cold December or January morning, causing you to be late to work, and have to explain to your boss why he shouldn’t fire you on the spot and give your job to somebody who will show up on time

In what manner was the battery tested?


Some of us replace batteries at about four years or at the first sign of an issue, just to be sure you don’t have a failure when you don’t want it. Seems like $150 over four years is not a significant issue.

Others will not replace until the is a failure or near failure in order to get as much life as possible out of it. Some claim seven years or longer. So suit yourself.

You can have the battery tested at a local store without taking it out of the vehicle. Takes about 3 minutes. Recently, my 5 year old battery said 25% left, so I replaced it.

Batteries last a lot longer in colder climates. Heat is the battery killer. I’ve yet to own a battery that showed any sign of weakness in less then 7 years. Most last 10+ years. Southern states - 5 years is pushing it.

Your battery is under the hood, and that means replacement more often than if it is in the trunk or under the rear seat. Batteries last four or five years in Maryland if they are in the engine bay. It doesn’t hit the 90s as early in CO as in MD and you could delay replacement. We have more than one car and can get by without one for a day or two, and I don’t replace the battery until it fails. I’d probably let it go another year at least, but this is about your comfort. If you dread driving because of the battery’s age, you should replace it before the middle of September when the snow might start.