Should I Repair or Replace My Festiva?

I have a '91 Ford Festiva with 125,000 miles. After an oil change the mechanic recommended CV boots and axels – mine are leaking. The estimate is $350. I’ve done regular maintenance during the 17 years that I’ve owned the car. It’s in good shape and I only drive about 6,000 miles per year. My question is, since the repair cost is about half the value of the car, should I get it repaired or get a different car?

By all means get it repaired. Where else can you get a car for $350 that’s of known history, has been well maintained, is in good shape, and meets your needs?

IMHO you’d be foolish not to repair it and keep it.

Agree, this is a no-brainer; you like the car, and it’s otherwise in good shape? Fix it properly and drive it another 5 years at least.

Would you pay $350 for that car if you did not own it?  OK that is your answer.

Just bite the bullet and get the work done.

Thanks for your feedback – I had the same opinion but needed to hear objective feedback from others. I questioned getting it repaired because my husband keeps telling me I should upgrade and buy something made in this century. My humble little car has served me well and meets my needs – I just needed to know I wasn’t crazy to fix it. Thanks again!

Well, in that case, if your hubby wants to replace it with a new 370Z you might want to reconsider.

Just kidding. Have a great weekend.