Should I fix this '04 Cavalier?

Teenage boy’s 04 Cavalier…was a great car when we got it…he’s no taken the best care of it. Dad and he dropped the exhaust system this weekend and because it’s an “all in one” part with the catalytic converter part of it and a “pressed fit flange” factory part, it’s going to cost $936 to repair…I’m wondering if it’s worth it. Has approx 80K miles on it

Can you buy a car to replace this one for $936?

I doubt it.

I’d fix it and let him keep driving it. I’d also try to teach him to take better care of the car. Especially if my money was paying the bills.

It’s worth repairing. I’m sure that a independently owned muffler shop can replace the system for less than $936 if they utilize the parts that were removed. Call and get an estimate. Avoid the dealerships.

Fix it, but shop around for aftermarket parts.

Fix it and keep fixing it until he develops some respect for the car. Or more correctly, the cost of repairs. If he doesn’t have the Cavalier to abuse, what other car will he beat on? One of the reasons I keep my 1998 Buick Regal around is so that he kids don’t damage a newer, more expensive car.

A aftermarket one should cost about $250.00,carcode,1431643,parttype,5808