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Should I junk it or Should I fix it?

I bought a used 1999 AUDI A6 quattro station wagon with 159,000 miles in 2007. I paid $4000 for it. I paid nearly $2000 on it so far for brake jobs, cv joints etc. Now…at 169,000 miles, the water pump is broke, the front control arms need to be replaced, the knock sensor needs to be replaced. The mechanic gave me an estimate of $2200 for everything incuding parts and labour+tax. However, I really want to get rid of it since it’s market value is only $2600, and I am sure something is going to break again after I fix it. I got an offer of $900 from

would you keep it, or give it up?

I would get rid of it, maybe try and get $1500 on Craigslist (cash only!), but you’re in the high cost cycle on old Audis, it doesn’t get any better.

My eldest son went to the University until he got his Ph. D. in mathematics. But, no one had ever told him that the make of car can make a big difference as to reliability. So, not realizing there is such a difference, people buy cars for a variety of other reasons, including sex appeal, style, and other such issues. My guess is that is why you got an 8 year old Audi. My son drove an old Ford, with lots of repairs.

Now, he and his wife both drive nothing but Hondas.

I see you have only driven 10,000 miles in three years. For that $4000 and some buddy assistance you might well have gotten a Honda or Toyota, some say US cars also, that would have had less miles and less expensive repairs. I hope someone corrects me, models like Malibu; some older Fords; Prizm; Crown Victoria; Buick Le Sabre. That low mileage means gas mileage should not be a major item.

Agree; this car will be a bottomless money pit from here on in! I would get rid of it ASAP. Others have suggested good alternatives from Honda and Toyota.

I would put the car up for sale. You drive so few miles you might be a candidate for one of the many low cost lease deals available now. Perhaps you could look for a 3 year old car coming off lease at a decent price.

Next time stick with a more basic car, and something with FWD drive only. Stay away from Audi, BMW, MB, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover brands. Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM give you the best shot at decent transportation and less in repair bills.

I too would dump it. In fact, if you don’t sell it with a local ad…how long is that $900 offer good for?

Give it up and consider this also. All of those things you mention, other than the knock sensor (IF that is really bad), are normal wear and tear items.

You bought an aged, and possibly even a thrashed, Audi with high miles. Any other make of car could have needed the same repairs.