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Should I get this repair done?

When I took my 2000 car, which has never given me trouble until now (105,000 miles) to the dealership to fix something covered by the warranty, they did a “complimentary” check and said my car needed to replace the crankcase rear main seal because they saw seepage and perform a brake system fluid exchange because the fluid was dirty, to the tune of $1300. I called a repair shop recommended by a friend, and their first response was, those almost things never need to be done and seepage is normal, but, if it were my car, I’d do it, and they want to charge me $1,000.

What would you do?

Brake system should be flushed due moisture will corrode the internals of the system. I would take it to the repair shop you called and have it flushed and rear main just checked.

I’d ignore ‘seepage’ as long as your oil use remains reasonable. How many miles between adding oil? Does it leave a puddle in your garage?

As for brake fluid, it should be changed every 3 yrs/36k miles or so. Get quotes on that by itself.

brake fluid should be flushed. Keep an eye on the oil and as long as the car isn’t leaving puddles don’t worry about it. But do keep an eye out on it

Unless this is a Ferarri I think $1000-1300 for a rear main seal and brake fluid change is really expensive. Others have responded about the rear main seal . . . just watch your oil use. Change it (have it changed) when the usage is too much . . . like a quart a week or a quart every 1000 miles (flame me guys!). The brake fluid is cheap and easy, go to an independent garage and have it done . . you’re due. What kind of car are you talking about? Rocketman

Have brake fluid flushed every 3 yrs. I’d try a $2 oil additive to try and help your rear main seal. I wouldn’t spend much more than $3.00 to try and alleviate this minor issue.

If your Accord has ABS brakes the brake fluid change interval is every 3 years. So, if the brake fluid has never been changed it is overdue for a change.

Seepage isn’t worth repairing, but is worth watching. If you see some oil spotting where you park the car the seep has become a leak. Many cars seep for years and never develop a more significant leak.

Obviously we need more details here. How old is your current brake fluid? Is it due yet according to the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual?

I’ve done the regular maintenance on this car for as long as I’ve owned it, since it had 20,000 miles on it. The fluids have been changed per the recommended schedule.

I have never had to add oil between routine oil changes.