Should I get a new battery

Have an 89 Mustang GT since new with 110k on the clock 5 speed manual and a 9 out of 10 concerning looks.
The only thing I have done to this car was a water pump and a new clutch ( complete ) due to throw out bearing failure and not due to abuse.
I live in Florida so not many cold nights but very hot summers.
The biggest battery I can fit is a 650 cold crank amp which is now over 5 years old. Had it load tested and was 90 % at CC capacity.

I usually had to replace the battery every 3.5 to 4 years due to instant death and had to push start it. I bought one of those cheap
hydometers and every cell shows 100%. Battery is a wally-world brand and has out lasted other major brands.
Had a cold snap and at 28 degrees she spun over fast.

4-5 years battery life is realistic.

So it’s time to go shopping for a new one.

It could be argued that extremely hot weather is worse for batteries.

I’d keep it, check with the hydrometer every month or so.

No. Current battery tests fine and works fine. If and when it fails you can use a jump box or jumper cables to start the car and then get a new battery.

It’s more convenient to replace it now rather than to call the auto club for a jump in a bad neighborhood right in front of the liquor store.

Some people live in fear, others have a sense of adventure.

Where I live, the bad neighborhood in front of the liquor store is a place that may claim your life.

@uncle agree…
Keep your battery. Get a jumper battery and not cables. With cables you may be asking a stranger to help. Jumper batteries, unlike up north, can be left in your trunk. Just check them every so often. Keep your car in tune.

Thanks for all the replies…I will keep the current battery as the warranty expired a year ago. If it fails to start, I can roll start it myself as have done this in the past 24 years with this mustang…As long as there is enough power to power the ecm and fuel pump. it will roll start.

As with most batteries when they fail will they will not turn over a starter which may draw 200 + amps but maintain enough power to push start, then off to wally- world for a new one.