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Should I fix this before I sell the car?

I bought my teenage daughter a 93 850 Volvo. Last summer I paid $3300 (!) to put a rebuilt engine in it, plus a couple of hundred dollars of other maintenance. It was running great! Then a couple of months ago, she hit a giant pot hole or something-she isn’t sure what it was-and damaged the strut mounts so that one wheel flays slightly outward, and the car is not driveable. She has bought herself another vehicle and the Volvo sits in my driveway. I could use the money from a sale, but is it worth it to fix the strut stuff? The tire guys said I have to bring it to a body shop. As you might have guessed, I am a single mom. What do struts and their mounts cost to repair? Or should I just try to sell it like it is? It only has $141,000 miles on it.

Why don’t you simply take it to a real repair shop and not a tire place? No do not go to a body shop for this. An independent mechanic can give you an accurate estimate/advice. Good luck!

Are you absolutely sure the strut mount is the problem? Normally the lower control arm is what gets bent and if this is the case then I would say fix it and then sell it.

ok4450 is probably right, as usual.

As a non-drivable car, it’s not worth much. As a good driver, it’s still worth a lot. It IS a Volvo after all.

See if you can find an independent shop that will use good parts from a salvage yard. Those NEW parts imported from Sweden are downright expensive. Check out for a good shop, and for a lower control are near you.