Should I fix my '97 Honda Civic or sell/trade in for a new car?


My husband and I are at a disagreement. My husband avoided and accident by breaking on a wet road from a car that turned out in front of him and unfortunately he slid into a ditch,damaging the front lower bumper of our '97 Honda Civic LX.

The car has 171,000 miles,it runs great and we have done routine maintainence on the car. We also just replaced the clutch. The estimated cost for repairs is $1,075 to $1,500

Not sure if it is worth fixing. My husband isn’t wanting to take on a car payment, but I feel it’s time, we have had the car now for 10 years.

Is this car worth fixing?

Personally - unless there is a real safety issue, I would drive around with a damaged bumper. I’m sure that’s not what you wanted to hear.

But here’s a more concrete suggestion. Add up all of the money you’ve put in in the last, say 6 mos. - add on the bumper repair. And find out how far you are from the blue book value (

Keep the car and put $350-$400 a month in the bank for the next 2 years, then 2 yrs from now post back and thank me lol
You have a great car good mpg and good for 300,000 mi cheaper ins

The estimated cost of the repair is only a few months of new car payments. If you buy a new car, those payments are going to last a l-o-n-g time. I would fix it, you should have another 100,000 good miles or more in it.