1995 Pontiac Firebird - Restore?

i have a 1995 pontiac firebird convertible engine is fine needs a little repair is this car worth restoring? my wife says get rid of it need your opinion

Lets see, the condition of this Firebird can’t be seen over the web for rust , needed body work , top condition or even a slight idea of how much money it will take for this ’ little repair ’ . And even if you restore the chance of selling at a break even price is slim. Seriously if you tell your wife I said to restore it just how much will that change her mind.

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Unless it’s a Trans Am with the 5.7 V-8, it’s probably not worth putting much money into it.

The V-6 convertible Firebird’s can be found in good shape for less then $6,000.

Besides, when the wife says either the car goes, or I go, which one is going ?


Restoring? Or repairing? Big difference. It also depends on the cost of repairs.

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Well, that depends on the wife. If all you do is argue constantly, and you’re getting tired of listening to her constant complaining, even a $500 car might be worth showing her the door over. If she treats you well, it might be worth junking a $20,000 car to keep her happy.

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What kind of repair?

Here’s the blanket statement for old car collecting: It’s all a waste of money. You will not sell the car for what you put into it. There are almost no exceptions to that rule of thumb, and the exceptions tend to have 6-figure buy-ins.

But it’s a hobby. We don’t have hobbies to get rich, we have hobbies to have fun. If you like the car and have the money to keep it in good repair, and this is something you want to do, then go for it. I bet your wife spends frivolously on something too. Most people do. If she gets to spend money on playthings that she likes, then so do you (assuming, of course, that your budget can handle it).

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My wife has told me that if I buy one more collectible car ( I have 3), she’ll throw me out. I’m looking at a 63 New Yorker now that I’m seriously considering buying.

Agree! Even Jay Leno has publicly stated that car collecting and restoring is never a profitable activity.

Restoring can be godawful expensive. Repairing to become a daily driver is feasible. It would seem to me that your wife should enjoy a convertible of all things for those pleasant evening rides.

Many decades ago my late wife enjoyed evening rides in my '59 Corvette with the hardtop off. Just a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an evening.

If a spouse of mine ever gave me an it goes or I go ultimatum all hxxx is going to break loose but then again I’m not one to put up with threats from anyone.
She kind of tried that a little bit with my antique motorcycle addiction but finally learned to not only accept it but to encourage it.