Should I do a car service now or later


I have Suzuki Swift 2015, it has about 44,000km. It is suggested I do car service on a yearly basis or at 10,000 km intervals.

I have done about 6,000 km since my last service which was 1 year ago.

Is it best if I do car service now or is it ok to wait until I do 10,000 km?

I live in Malta, a small island, I drive car daily for about 20mins total.


Service it now, oil change frequency generally are based on time or mileage, whichever comes first


ok thank you

All that information is in your owners manual . If you do not have it a simple web search will find one you can download for free. Your short trips qualify has severe service . Are you calling car service a simple oil and filter change or something more involved ?

10,000 km (or 6,000 miles) has been a pretty commonly recommended distance between oil changes. Along with that is “or every six months, whichever comes first.” Since you do mainly short trip driving, I’d suggest every six months. If in doubt, understand and follow the owners manual.