Should I confront Firestone shop?

I’ve been going to this shop for 6 years now and have only had 1 or 2 questionable dealings with them. Scheduled for this Saturday is to figure out & fix my '95 Saturn which intermittently (every other day) won’t start. (Elec. system charging diagnostics passed OK.) Should I ask for a more reasonable time frame? Or would that be asking too much since he stated that he’d be short 2 mechanics because of the holiday? Thanks.

What is unreasonable?

Not Every Technician At Every Tire Store/Repair Shop Specializes In Auto Electrics.
I’m afraid you’ll wait and then go there only to have the same problem after you leave.

Can you tell us what the car does when it doesn’t start ?

Does the starter turn the engine over, but fail to run or run poorly and die ?
Does the car just click when the key is turned to start, but no engine cranking (turning) is heard ?
Does nothing happen at all when the key is turned ?
Does everything electrical work under all conditions ?
Are the headlights bright ?
If you turn the lights on and have somebody try to start it, do the headlights dim way down or stay bright ?
How old is your battery ?

Any warning lights on ?
Any other symptoms ?


Should I confront the Firestone shop? No, you should avoid them. Find a non-chain local shop that specializes in auto electrics.

Before you go to Firestone, be sure you can answer the questions posed by Common Sense Answer. This may help the mechanic at Firestone isolate the problem.
I am not one to advocate chain shops for this kind of repair. However, years ago when the discount store Zayres was in business and had a tires, battery and accessory service department, my local Zayres employed a very good technician that could handle electricdal problems. Maybe you will come out a winner.

Advance Auto Parts Is Open All Kinds Of Hours. Do You Live Near One ?
They’ll Come Out To The Parking Lot And Do A Basic Check Of The Car’s Charging System And Battery (Starter Draw ?) Free Of Charge.
Why Not Try That Option, First ?


I like OT-11’s answer… Let Firestone stick with selling tires and doing oil changes…

While you are waiting, try this…Go to a Parts Store and purchase a battery post cleaning tool. Remove both your battery cables and clean them Use a baking soda and water solution, wear rubber gloves. After everything is cleaned up re-connect the cables and see if that helps…

This is a really bizarre question. I can’t even get my head around it. Confront them about what?

Aside from that, as noted, you’re better off not using places like this. Of course, the local shop I use isn’t even open on Saturdays. Good for them, I say. These days of 24hr/7day service are not necessarily good ones. It really should be ok for people to have time away from work - especially around the holidays.

When removing battery cables to clean the terminals/cable clamps, ALWAYS remove the negative cable first, and re-connect the negative cable last.

Several problems I see with this post.
Firestone for one.
No clear definition of what won’t start means.
Apparently several past incidents and the word “confront” being used. Sounds like trouble brewing to me.

Details are always helpful and hopefully any confrontation will not be necessary.