Should I buy another car?

Hello, I have a 1994 Honda Civic that I have just put $3000, in to. It still needs another part that will cost another $400.
The guys that are working on my car will buy it for $ 3000. Should I bite the bullet and get another Honda, newer model but not new??

It depends upon your finances and your intended use. If the body is rust free and solid, the answer is usually yes. But, if you plan on traveling a lot and it has high mileage and you can afford it…go for it. Can’t tell without knowing a lot more.

It would be helpful if we knew what has been done and what still needs to be done.

How much do you trust the guys that are working on your car?

To me it looks like the guys working on your car are, in effect, asking you to give them your car as it was before they worked on it. (you paid them $3,000 and they will buy it for what you paid them). Was your car really worth $0.00 before they worked on it?

It just comes back to how much do you trust them?

Tell us about the guys. Is it a dealership, independent garage, your son-in-law etc.

$3000 for a 1994 Civic? Take the money and run, Grandma!!!

I will echo mleich here. It’s not everyday that you can get 3k for a 94’ Civic. Go Grannie go!

Tell them you’re interested, but want to look around first before you accept. You might find yourself severely disappointed with a newer model Honda