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Should I buy? And is it repairable? If so will it last?

pretty sure that roofs structural integrity is already pretty severely compromised…
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A few others have sort of touched on it…but the safety issues alone would make me walk away from this. Even if you get the car “looking perfect”, those roof pillars are meant to move in only one direction…down…and not much at that.

By and large, any damage to a structural element like that is one-and-done. As in, it gets seriously damaged once, and the car is done. It’s no different than totaling a car due to frame damage…except maybe worse, because at least a frame can be brought back to its original strength with extensive repair/welding. These cars with integrated “frameless” bodies…there are too many stresses going in too many different directions to be able to shore up that roof to OEM strength.

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Offer $300, break out the sawzall and make yourself a ghetto convertible. That roof will never look right or be safe enough to daily drive and with the rebuilt title it’ll never be worth more than a few hundred. But as a for fun diy project sure.

That is terrible advice.

Convertibles have to be strengthened underneath since the roof on a unibody car is a structural component.

Following this advice is how you end up driving a death trap.


I really hate having to repeat myself but I understand some of you may have alzheimers or just can’t read.

That car will never be safe to daily drive but as a fun diy $300 project, sure why not.


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Sure, let’s make your terrible advice about me for a minute.

I can read just fine and I have a relatively clean bill of health. The same goes for my mental health.

I disagreed with your idea and you responded with a petty puerile personal attack. All that does is validate me and bolster the strength of my position, so thank you for your accidental abject surrender in this debate. I accept your tacit surrender and which you an enjoyable weekend.


Boy that is a shame… But hey you could be the first to own a convertible Accord ? LOL… I’m joking…dont touch it.

The damage to the roof would compromise the safety of the vehicle in certain severe collisions but will still be safer than a vehicle that $300 could buy. A $300 car around here would be from the 1990’s and probably not in drivable condition.

An eleven year old car with this damage 20 years ago might be worth only $300 but today with a vehicle like this you can get $500 for the engine and $300 for the transmission plus all of the body and interior parts.