Daewoo trouble



have a 200l daewoo. had to have a rebuilt engine installed and now it spends more time at the dealers than at home. so far they have put in new plugs, a coil , repaired wires and still the engine light comes on. It never did come on before the motor died, due to a timing belt breaking and damaging the motor.

is the dealer giving me the run around? The don’t know what is the matter with it and I am running out of money to pay for these expenses they are charging for.



You should be aware that the check engine light would not normally come on prior to the breakage of the timing belt, simply because the engine will usually run very nicely right up until the timing belt snaps. That is the reason for preventive maintenance (i.e.–changing the timing belt according to mileage/elapsed time protocols).

That being said, it may be difficult to find someone qualfied to work on this vehicle, owing to its “orphaned status”. A GM dealer (especially Chevrolet) may be your best bet, as GM bought the assests of the distressed Daewoo Motors, but bear in mind that so few of these cars were sold prior to the demise of Daewoo that few mechanics became familiar with them. And, as you have found out, the franchised dealers are gone, along with the Daewoo brand.

If you can’t find a qualified mechanic for this car (which is very possible), you just may have to walk away from this and chalk it up to experience.

Sorry for the bad news.


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Obviously, I meant assets, not assests (sic).


as far as your troubled Daewoo goes, First is it a Nubira by chance and if it is it maybe your Cam Shaft Sensor that is bad, an easy and free way to find out is if you have a AutoZone parts store, bring it in and let them know that your check engine light is on, but don’t know why, can they check it for you, with their computer. If this is the problem, which is was several time with my 2000 Nubira, then the dealer can fix it, also you should know that if this the reason, that Daewoo issued a Recall on this part back in 01 I believe and if your wasn’t replace they (gm) should replace it free of charge. In regard to finding a Daewoo garage in you area check on the website. www.daewoous.com. I hope this helps.


First off, a timing belt breaking and damaging the engine does not automatically mean you need a complete rebuilt engine.
It’s a simple matter or removing the cylinder head, replacing any bent valves while performing a complete valve job, and reassembling it. Very, very seldom is other damage done.

Take the car by a local AutoZone, Checkers, or Advance Auto and have them pull the codes. They will do this for you free and post any results back here.

Also, since many people use terminology they should not, is this really a rebuilt engine or a used one from a salvage yard?
Did the dealer do this engine rebuild/install or was it done somewhere else and now you’re at the dealer trying to get it resolved?