Should I be sketched about buying this car

So I needed a new delivery car, one I could beat on, pretty cheap since the car will be done in 1-2 years anyways. Found an Ad on cragslist for Mazda 3 2005, she was fine with a inspection on the vehicle. But at 11AM she said the car wouldn’t start, probably the alternator, we will fix it. At 2Pm I said that’s fine, I was gonna replace starter , battery and alternator for winter anyways. She said you can still bring the car in the cables were loose on the battery and she fired up. So I drove to this auto shop, turns out this couple who’s selling the car doesn’t own the shop. But have a small 100ftx100ft office in the back of the building with a separate business name. Just a desk and some chairs. So I brought the car in, Found out rust on all the rotors and bald wheels, also dash light wasn’t working. When I told the Arabic car seller the dash light wasn’t working , he started to smirk and say I thought that was issue too, but it’s not dark enough yet (even tho super cloudy and raining) but I was like umm… ya okay… and after I said send me a picture tonight of the lights working.

Two hours later received a picture and he said sorry the fuse wasn’t in all the way.

Another sketchy part is Since he’s a dealer, I get the bill of sales , copies of dmv paper work and supposley 21 day permit for no licenses etc

Should I be skeptical at all, or was this couple just having like a off day or something and just weirded me out.

I’m use to title in hand but first time with some tiny little room shop, also his “MK Auto Sales” doesn’t show up on google. So idk what to think or do.

Walk away, if you can - run away Too many bad vibes here, trust your instinct.


I especially don’t like the part about the non-functional check engine light (which I presume is the light you mean). Somebody who presumably works with cars would know this is a key function to inspect on a used car; i.e. that the cel turns on w/the key in “on” but the engine not running, then it turns off immediately after starting the engine. Somebody with little car repair experience might not know that, but it seems like this seller should. And should have informed you before-hand. If you decide to continue with this seller, make sure you get an independent vehicle inspection by your own mechanic, and as part of it they verify all the readiness monitors have completed. If you decide to go for it, make sure you get an adequate discount to fund four new tires, new alternator, and new battery. And probably new starter motor.

No the dash light wasn’t working as in the MPH wasn’t glowing with the lights on, so during dark you wouldn’t be able to see rpms or speed but sent a pic of it working

Ok, then that’s no so much of a worry. The CEL does its thing correctly, right? I like the M3 in general. One poster here doesn’t especially like the ride quality, but otherwise posts here are mostly positive.

You’re getting hustled! Run!

You are buying a 15 year old car from a junk dealer, I hope the price is right and you have the time to fix it up.

These used car lots buy these old cars for $500 at an auction, clean them and sell then to people that can’t afford a decent car.

I’m not against fixing up used cars, I paid $1800 for a 12 year old Dodge but I was able to perform the needed repairs myself.

I see it was a 2005 mazda 3 at 100k miles for 3k kbbs “fair price” range.

So now these people had some sketch shop

I see a smaller dealership, at least not a small a** room, with a Mazda 6 sport 133k for same price as the 3 with 100k miles on it. Would that be a better pick.

Edit: yes I do my own repairs, unless it’s engine swapping or rebuilding a transmission head to toe. Rotors, alternator, starter ezpz

That is the price for a car in reasonable condition, a car that doesn’t start, bald tires and no dash lights has not been inspected or reconditioned. Used car lots selling cars for $3000 are interested in profit, not quality, they need to double their money on these cars to pay the bills.

In this low price class you will find better value in private sales.

I like the BMW M3, as well

But op’s looking at a Mazda3 :smirk:

CL dictionary for cheap cars has MAZDA #1 and dodge #2
for a reason. as in broke down

Just was looking for something to last me til winter , and I can beat the crap out of it, I’m switching from delivery driving to serving inside a resturant in 6-8 months, and getting a modified Honda Civic this summer then another winter car unless the one I purchase is still peachy then I’ll run her thru one more winter then get a SUV after

What about Miata they have 4.8 on kbb and cargerus

Low slung , 2 passenger rear wheel drive for winter snow deliveries ? Good Greif , you can’t be serious.


Would be a pretty fun time for hitting drifts on street corners :joy::joy:, so people say mazda is no go, Miata no go, Ford focuses/fusions no go, so does this mean I should look at a Civic or accord or Camry?

I actually didn’t say that yesterday. I liked the 07 Focus you listed in your post yesterday (pending inspection and all of that of course).

Wasn’t quoting you on that, more so mixed feedback on the cars in general, I still might shoot them a text lol, I’m quitting on of my delivery jobs today and switching to warehousing, same pay, guaranteed money and if we have a reccesion I won’t be delivering for $18+ an hour since people won’t be ordering food or tipping as much.

The lowest employment in years has came in clutch the last 2 years although. If I didn’t still have the 2 other delivery jobs I would just get a nice new car and not have to worry about miles since it would be 20-30 miles a day instead of 200-300 a day lol… but I’ll see what the Ford Focus seller says.

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Don’t group us all into one category

I said the Ford Focus might be a good choice . . .

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If there’s any question about this, and if you find yourself asking total strangers, knowing what you [don’t] know about cars, then “Yes,” extremely skeptical.

Do you have a guy friend or girl friend who knows more about car than you do to help you with a purchase?

No offense, but it seems that all you have is the idea for one.

From everything you have said you shouldnt even have to ask . Hopefully you have enough common sense to stay away from someone like this even if you are only buying a beater car .