Shopping for New Minivan or SUV, best access to rear seats

I am looking for a new van or suv that will provide the easiest access to the rear bench. I have 3 kids in car seats or boosters, so they stay in place all the time and the seat’s can’t collapse to let someone climb over. So far, w/out taking out one of the chairs, I think the Grand Caravan/Town & Country w/ Stow-n-Go in about my only option. Is there something else out there?

The middle captain’s chairs on my wife’s 2006 Sienna flip forward fairly easily for access to the back seats. The seat back folds flat and the seat flips up against the back of the front seat. It’s probably not as convenient as the stow and go though.

Ed B.

Sounds like a Mini Van is BEST for you. I really don’t know of any SUV that gives you easy access to the rear bench.

What about an 8 seat Sienna? I own one and there are three seats in the middle row. You won’t have to even go into the rear seat!!!