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Shopping for another car

My 91 Plymouth Acclaim finally died a couple weeks ago. I got all of $50 from a salvage yard for it. Now I am looking for another car for about $10,000 or less. Two cars I am looking at are a 2003 Buick Century with 51570 miles for $7500 and a 2008 Toyota Yaris S hatchback with 50418 miles for $9990. Does anyone have any comments on either of these cars?

You could not have picked two of the most opposite vehicles. The Buick is worth $5,500 and the Toyota is worth $8,700. NADA is your friend.


I’m just not a fan of the Yaris, so I’d take a closer look at the Century. The Century should be a good solid, reliable, and relatively low cost to repair and maintain car. Pretty much the same for the Yaris except it is very small, seems cheaply made, ride is harsh, and the car isn’t very comfortable.

If you stick to around town driving the Yaris could be fine. If you plan to take any longer trips involving a day or two on the interstate highways the Century would be a much nicer ride those long days on the road.

Keep Looking. We Need More Choices. As Has Been Pointed Out, You Probably Won’t Be Happy With The Little Toyota And The Buick Is Too Old (7 - 8 Years Old). You Can Do Better With 10 Grand.

You’ll have this car for a while. Don’t rush into something or “settle” for a car. You’ve already gone a couple of weeks.

The Buick idea was OK if it was newer. Some GM cars are good and bargain priced. Later models with the 3.8L (05) or something 06 and newer are worth a look. Any 07 or 08 Malibus in your neighborhood ? You’re on the right track looking for a car without a ton of miles on it.


Very apples and oranges comparison here. On one hand you have a nice, decent car, on the other, you have a car that could fit in the trunk of the other car. :stuck_out_tongue:
You should be able to find a nice 2006 Ford Fusion for under $10k

It would help to know more about your transportation needs. Do you want luxury, fuel economy, cargo capacity? Number of kids, dogs, etc.?

There are new cars (though small) for around your price point, and with full warranties. Make sure to be informed to be sure.