Shifting into park while moving

And another 7 year old thread rises from the grave! :grin:

If that thread is interesting to anyone they might search “The Governor’s Driver” a comedy routine by Brother Dave Gardner from the late 50s. I didn’t find a link in a quick search but I’m an old luddite who heard Brother Dave when he was popular.

Wasn’t it Bill Cosby in his very early days who did a comic routine something like that? He told about starting off in Leaping; then Dragging; and when he put it in Racing it broke.

Perhaps Cosby did do that routine, but if he did, then he stole it.
That joke originated in the late '50s on the old Jack Paar show when his band leader-- the Spanish-speaking Jose Melis–told of how he wrecked his car because he didn’t understand the meaning of the letter symbols on the push-buttons of his car’s transmission.

I’m sure that Paar’s joke writers provided that short routine for Mr. Melis, and I’m equally sure that Bill Cosby is capable of stealing some else’s routine, or their honor, or…

A much better explanation is that after around 60 years I may well have forgotten whose routine it was. However, I am sure I did not listen to Jack Parr in the Fifties.

Not to continue with a 7 year old issue but I remember watching Jack Paar and his ring. He was actually pretty good but I always liked Steve Allen then. Now if I see a re-run, I don’t think it’s funny at all.

All too often, it seems that humor from years ago just doesn’t “hold up” well. However, I have to say that whenever I see or hear a Burns and Allen routine, I still laugh. They obviously had good writers, but Gracie Allen delivered her “dummy” routine very, very well, which indicates that she was probably very smart.