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I was wondering what damage can be caused by throwing it in Park by accident while driving, (in motion in Drive) while actually trying to go the other way into 1st?

Is this theoretical or did it actually happen?

What did you experience? Any symptoms?

Potentially, you could snap the “Park Pawl” (the part that actually keeps the car from moving when you engage “Park” while stationary). That would result in a need to open up the transmission case in order to remove the metal fragments and replace the park pawl mechanism.

However, it is also possible that the park pawl mechanism might have simply “ratcheted”, rather than actually engaging.

What exactly happened when you engaged “park”?
What noises did you hear?
What actually occurred?

There was a nasty grinding sound for the 1.5 seconds before I quickly switched it to 1st but that was it. I continued to drive without stopping and everything sounded and felt the same.