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Shifting in my 1992 Chevy S10 pickup

Lately when shifting to the lower gears in my 1992 S10 pickup (it has the 5 speed manual transmission) I notice that the engine strains for power. Once I’m done shifting, it doesn’t stain for power anymore. Also when first taking off in the mornings, it’s a little hard to shift from 1st gear to 2nd gear. Once the engine warms up, it’s not so hard to shift into 2nd gear. What do you think??

When you say it’s straining for power, do you mean it’s bucking sort of like if you let the clutch out too fast or if you put it in too high of a gear?

It sounds to me like the clutch could be out of adjustment, assuming this thing has an adjustable clutch.

Is this a shifting difficulty post or a low engine power post? Work on that sentence “when shifting to lower gears I notice the engine strains for power”

Do you mean after you downshift to a lower gear the trucks acceleration does not improve? when you try to accelerate after downshifting is the engine rpm increasing but the trucks speed not increasing?

I know that I’ve shifted to the correct gear. It feels kinda like the engine is bogging down. Like I mentioned before, once I’ve shifted thru all the gears (sometimes even before I’ve shifted thru all the gears), the bogged down feeling goes away. I did have a new clutch installed back in October of 2008. I can look at the shop manual to see if this particular clutch takes an adjustment. Also they installed a differant rear end. They said it came off of a 96 S10, and they said it would fit ok.

I went back and check on my repair manual, according to the manual, do don’t make adjuctments on the clutch.