Shifting and grinding noise problem with transmission...i think?

I just had all the plugs and wires replaced on my car(which cost over $300.00). The mechanic said this (MAY) fix the problem.I am still having a problem with the car shifting very hard,and make grinding noise coming from the rear. It sounds like the tranmission is falling out! Does anyone think it maybe the clutch sensor, or any other ideas of what it maybe will help. I have had it to 2 shops and analized, and they have no clue…PLEASE HELP WITH MY SHIFTING,AND GRINDING PROBLEMS!!!×

year of your car and number of miles on it? Assuming you have an auto trans, but do you also have AWD (all wheel drive)? This might be best to have a Buick dealer service dept. check this out. It might be a problem with the AWD systems which include an additional differential and a transfer case.

Have you or any of the mechanics done the very obvious things like checking the level, color, and odor of the transmission fluid, and/or checking the condition of the splined shaft in the driveshaft, and/or checking the condition of the U-joint(s) in the driveshaft, and/or checking the level of the oil in the rear differential? Somehow, a mechanic who claims that changing plugs and wires will stop a grinding noise does not fill me with confidence.

Jeez Louise…$300 to do plugs and wires?! OH MY…like I always say…I don’t charge enough for my services…then again… I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror if I charged someone that much for such a simple affair. I am in business to save people money, educate them on their vehicles and generally to make people happy and not fear their cars.

ANYWHO… I am all with VDC and back all of his questions…they make perfect sense.

I would go to your dealer in this instance bec the vehicle sounds rather new…No? We dont have the year info nor the drive arrangement/trans…Is this and AWD vehicle…methinks it is.

If it is shifting VERY hard and making GRINDING noises…this sounds quite serious…so its either the Stealer…or and independent trans shop…(which may be best in this case) Somewhere like AAMCO? Get someone to do a diagnostic… Changing spark plugs and wires make absolutely NO SENSE WHATSOEVER in this instance…In fact that service wouldn’t even spring into my mind…I wouldn’t even mention such a silly procedure. What the hell is the rationale there? Beats me for certain…

Get the drive train diagnosed by a trans shop or the dealer… Something isn’t right that’s for sure…

If there is no misinterpretation between you and the mechanic about what was said then you should need to find a competent mechanic somehow because spark plugs and wires have zero, zilch, and nada to do with any grinding noise; front or rear.

More info is needed about whether this is an AWD vehicle, if the tires are all matching, and any history of fluid changes.
This vehicle likely has an automatic transmission so where does this clutch sensor thing come from?

Next step is a good scan at an independent transmission shop; not a chain franchise either. Chain meaning AAMCO, Cottmans, etc.