Shaky wheels

rims and tires can fly out correct?

I will do the OP and everyone else a favor, and I will translate this question into a more understandable form, based on the OP’s other post:

If my lug nuts are loose, can a wheel become detached from the car?

The answer is YES.

As I advised in your other thread, the lug nuts need to be checked–and tightened if necessary–prior to driving the car.

Other Forums that I frequent do not tolerate the types of post we get here. I wonder why people feel comfortable posting such incomplete thoughts.

By the way VDC my argument/response paper for my writing 102 (yes I made it into 102 by testing) was savaged by my instructor. My assigned topic was “white guilt”. Got a “C” lowest grade of my life.

I’m sorry to hear about the “C” grade. Traditionally, a “C” grade was considered to be an average grade, but ever since the era of grade inflation, everyone seems to think that it is a low grade.

I really hope that the professor’s personal politics did not enter into the grading. Don’t give up! Keep plugging along, and “keep your eyes on the prize”.