Shaking over 60 MPH

I took our 2005 Ford Freestyle to get an oil change this morning. It is now shaking violently if we drive it more than 60 mph. Help!

Unless they did something really stupid, the oil change sound not have made any difference. However some places do things stupid. Those quick oil change places are famous for doing stupid things to your car.

First I would not drive it, until I have checked to make sure they did not overfill the oil, or maybe put it in the wrong place. If it is overfilled, DON’T start the engine or drive it like that.

Other than that, a tyre could have been damaged or just gone bad, they might of knocked off a wire or vacuum line somewhere or lots of other things.

If the vehicle was put on a lift to perform the oil change, it allows all the suspension/steering components to hang down. If there’s a worn/loose suspension/steering component, the act of raising the vehicle and lowering it back on it’s wheels will sometimes reveal that worn/loose component causing the shaking.