Shaking 2002 Hyundai XG350


At 94,500 miles our XG developed a couple problems at the same time. 1st the shifting clunked into 2nd from 1st and also 2nd to 1st…2ndly, it slid a longs ways before it shifted into 4th from 3rd.

At the same time it developed a SHAKING from 35mph to about 45 mph we would drive through the shaking at about 50mpg, but as we went slower at 45mph the shaking would pick back up and continue until we were less than 35mph…brought it to the dealer they confirmed a transmission problem, still under warranty so they put in a new transmission. The shaking continued however, so they replaced one of the axels which they say has reduced the shaking but not eliminated it. they replaced the other axel but saw no improvement. They have confired with the mfgs reps and everyone is scratching their heads…Don’t know what it could be. suggested that perhaps a tire repair with slime has gotten loose but that hasn’t happened…Any ideas??? Help!


Ok, have you had the tires actually balanced? Checked for balance? That is the thing that is standing out in my mind right now. It’s also possible some bearings could be going so the new shafts helped, but are loose in the bearings. Without knowing exactly what they have done, it’s hard to say. But you may want to consider the alternative of a different vehicle.

Do a tyre rotation (front to back) and see what happens.  If there is no change it was not the tyres. If it changes (it may not go away, then it likely is a tyre or two.


Follow up and Thanks, Turns out that the right rear brake caliper was hanging up and (as they put it) pinching the rotor and pads getting worse as the brakes heated up to the point that they couldn’t manually rotate the wheel. I had 2 months ago had a brake job done on the car which included all these parts, all is under warranty ! being replaced and fixed at no charge ! So i now have a 2002 Hyundai with a new transmission and new brakes ! Not a bad thing…I really appreciate your help! Take care Ernie D.