Shake rattle and Roll

hey all,

just got 4 new tires, the tires are GeoStar GS70, a balance and an allignment a rebalance and a rotate on my 94 sentra 1.6 and i am experiencing intermittent vibration at highway speeds.

I can only feel the vibration in the stearing wheel and it seems to come and go every 5 seconds or so. The vibration is not severe but i am afraid it is going to chop the tires.

I have just recently had the struts done too about 6,000 miles ago.

I have asked around and no one seems to know the answer could it be the tires? This problem was not happening before the tires and it is driving me crazy.

any help would be appreciated. Thanks again!


If you haven’t you can ask for a road force balance. This simulates actual pressure on the tires as when you are diving.

One or more of the tires may also be defective. You might be able to figure it out by trying to note where the vibration is coming from and moving the tires around to see if the vibration moves. If you have or can get a full size spare you could also leave one new tire off in turns.

All in all I’d say that this issue belongs to the shop that sold & installed the tires - though I’ll bet they did or will say that they can’t replicate it.

“Feel in the steering” “Not severe” Had a new set of tires put on and five minutes out of the shop, I had same problem. Back to shop…they did a quick look…one of the new spin balance weights had popped off. They replaced and no problem. Just a thought to eliminate a quick fix possibility.