"severely bent wheel"

I was having a problem with my passenger side front wheel wobbling. I have a Toyota Sienna 2001. I took it in to Goodyear and was told the wheel is severely bent. A new wheel has to be ordered (not in stock at 3 stores including the nearest dealership). My question is, should I be concerned driving it until the new wheel comes in? We had planned a trip (about 400 miles) for a family event and I hate to cancel. Thanks for any help/ advice!

If it wobbled severely, I would rent a car or use an alternative, to be on the safe side. The wobble might create some tire wear issue as well as drivability safety issues, depending on severity of wobble, so I would be renting a car, rather than drive the Sienna.

I agree, any wobble you can feel in the steering wheel is putting big loads on your front suspension, which could cause a big problem. Is this an alloy wheel? Have you tried looking on Ebay?

Don’t drive the thing. If you have a trusted mechanic,take it to him for inspection again,and ask him if he can get you a wheel. Maybe a junk yard. Oops,automobile recycler.

Thanks so much for the feedback. After discussing the situation at Goodyear, I had them replace the bent wheel with the spare tire (which is actually a full size,regular tire). I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before! We put the bent wheel as the spare and the car drives great now.

Thanks again for the quick responses!

Try calling Keystone Auto Parts. They have a wide selection of rebuilt rims and alloys are usually $179.00
Call 309-698-0700 and ask them for the phone number of the closest location to you.

It may not be a bad idea to verify that the wheel hub and/or lower control arm is not tweaked. This often occurs when a wheel gets bent, and you use the word “severely” here. This means that odds are something else is out of whack rather than not.

The car may apparently drive fine to you but perception plays a part in this. You’re used to a wobble and so now the car seems fine but it may not be.
The wheel may still be wobbling to some degree and you just don’t notice it but over time the tire may start wearing abnornally.

Just something to consider anyway.

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